Tunnel Tent 2800 & 3600

Carefree camping – this is how it should be! Pitched in a blink of an eye and as solid as a rock, the Tunnel Tent comes with that Karsten quality you know and love.

  • Tent canvas material: 100% Ten Cate cotton
  • Groundcloth material: Bisonyl
  • Colour: dark beige with navy blue accents
  • Smart pole system

No-fuss pitching

The Karsten Tunnel Tent, manufactured in 100% Ten Cate cotton, features a smart and user-friendly pole system. The pole sleeves are on the outside of the tent and are provided with full-length zippers, allowing for easy and fast insertion of the poles. Your tent will be pitched and standing firm within 15 minutes. The sewn-in ground sheet, made from indestructible bisonyl, is fitted with a drop-down front that folds flat to the ground for easy entry. In the evening or during a shower, you can easily fold it back up to keep out draughts, water and insects.

Generous on space

It’s available in two configurations: model 2800 (2-4 people), which offers lots of space and has a headroom of more than 2m; and model 3600 (4 people), which offers a whopping 11m² and has three separate sleeping compartments: two generous singles and a two-person area between them. Even with your air bed inflated and installed, there’s more than enough room to move around and to stow away your things. Perfect for families who want extra room and a little more comfort.

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Optional adjustable awning

For still more living space, the tent is extendable with a rain canopy or combi awning. Model 3600 comes with a wide, rollable side door as standard. In short, this is a sturdy and robust tent delivering trusted Karsten quality – and a carefree camping holiday into the bargain!

Room to get organised

The big windows on both sides, and sufficient ventilation points, make for an enjoyable indoor living space. The side walls can accommodate several storage units so you can organise and stow away luggage, leaving an uncluttered and freely accessible floor.



Storm-resistant and rainproof

In 2015, model 3600 was awarded an exceptional review in the ‘Grote Tententest’ (Large Tent Test) by the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club). It came out ahead of the competition in the storm and rain test, and performed exceptionally well in the ventilation and pitching categories.

Type 2800 floor plan

2-4 person

Karsten 2800

Sleeps: 2 - 4 people
Time to pitch: 12 mins
Weight: 38 kg
Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 212 cm
Inner dimensions: 6.5 m²
Bedroom dimensions: 5.7 m²

Tent pack size: 85 x 34 x 34 cm
Pole pack size: 100 x 35 cm

Type 3600 floor plan


Karsten 3600

Sleeps: 4 people
Time to pitch: 15 mins
Weight: 47 kg
Dimensions: 515 x 360 x 225 cm
Living area: 11 m²
Bedroom space: 7.4 m²

Tent pack size: 103 x 34 x 34 cm
Pole pack size: 100 x 35 cm

Made in Holland Made in Holland