Karsten Tents can handle any kind of weather! The tent's extremely sturdy construction and high-quality materials make it water and storm proof. What's more, as the entire tent is one piece, you won't be bothered by draft, critters or water inside the tent. You can even lift the tent as a whole and move it to a different spot.

Karsten Tents are made in our own workshop of the highest-quality materials and are available in various sizes and colours.

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Inflatable Karsten Tents are available in these (basic) colours*. The base tent comes with beige parts by default (awnings, doors, wings, windows and ventilation flap).

*The colours displayed may differ from the actual colours.



Ten Cate tent canvas

Karsten camping tents are made with high-quality Ten Cate tent canvas, made of 100% cotton. This material is highly breathable and has excellent moisture-regulating abilities. This keeps the climate inside the tent pleasant. What's more, it is highly weather-proof.

Composition of the tent canvas

The canvas
High-quality Ten Cate KD48 tent canvas. Warp and weft from twisted (double) yarns, 100% of carefully selected high-quality cotton with excellent breathability.

app. 310 gr/m2

Tensile strength warp
At least 120 kg/5 cm

At least 100 kg/5 cm

Hydrostatic head
At least 40 cm

Dyed with special dyes which have shown optimum resistance to discolouring.

In order to maximise resistance to rot and mould, the tent canvas is appropriately water-proofed.

Made in Holland Made in Holland