Base tent

The base tent can be set up in mere minutes and is available in sizes 2.20 x 2.20 up to 3.80 x 3.80 m. The smallest model has room for two beds, and in the Karsten type 380 โ”€ with a surface of almost 15 mยฒ โ”€ you can go camping with the whole family! Even if you stay in the tent with several people, it will not be stuffy, because the built-in ventilation system will always provide enough fresh air.

The base tent is equipped with a built-in ground sheet, made of the extremely durable bisonyl. The ground sheet has a raised edge that's 25 cm high, which will keep draft, moisture, and unwanted critters outside! As it's attached to the tent, there is no need for an inner tent.

The base tent can be assembled and expanded to your wishes, using various awnings, a sleeping extension or a linked tent.


Adjust or assemble the base tent to your liking by supplementing it with a range of options. Add awnings to make the tent even bigger and create sleeping compartments by suspending a partition wall.

Excellent ventilation

The Ten Cate tent canvas is made of 100% cotton and enhances the breathability of the tent. On top of that, there is an adjustable and closable ventilation system in the roof of the tent.


The base tent comes standard with one mesh window that has a window cover. In addition, there is a transparent film window available that can be attached with velcro.

Made in Holland Made in Holland