The interior of the Karsten Tents can be adjusted completely to your liking. There are a number of useful accessories that make the inflatable Karsten Tent even more complete. These items can be attached to the tent without needing to make modifications.

Use partition walls to design your ideal floor plan. Handy accessories such as the apron organiser or the triangle organiser (made in our own workshop!) keep the tent uncluttered and orderly.

You can also order accessories and service products for the Karsten Tent in our webshop!


We have developed various storage accessories especially for the inflatable Karsten Tent. For example, in the larger models you can use an apron organiser or one of the triangle organisers inside the tents.

Keep unwanted critters out

One of the nice things about camping is being close to nature. However, some aspects of nature are better kept at bay. Use our screen door to keep unwanted critters and other critters outside.

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