The base tent of the inflatable Karsten Tent can be expanded with various awnings. It will make your holiday even more comfortable! A base tent come standard with an awning zipper, making it possible to expand your tent with an awning at a later time.

Base awnings

The comfort awning makes the base tent a little larger and more comfortable. If you add an extended awning, you create a ton of extra room for all your camping stuff. An end wall closes off the tent, but also offers other possibilities. The door flap can be turned into a canopy, but you can also create a sheltered spot against the wind. Finally, there is also a rain awning, because having beautiful weather on your holiday is unfortunately not guaranteed.

More plus sides

Use only the base tent for a short overnight stay, or complete the tent with awnings for a longer stay. The plus side of this modular system is that you can also choose to break down the tent in stages: pack up the awnings the night before you go, so that in the morning you will only need to deflate the base tent.

Even more awnings

In addition to the standard awnings, there are more options. For instance, the Porch awning: a spacious and compact option for increasing the living space of your tent. Alternatively, you can create a comfortable porch in front of your tent by using one of the many possibilities of the combi awning. Are you stopping for the night and do you want to quickly set up an awning to keep the entrance dry? The travel awning offers a solution, or zip it directly onto the tent with the connection piece.


All awnings after the comfort awning can be attached flexibly. You decide what to set up. Are you unsure about the size? You can also purchase the awnings at a later time. The zippers come standard with the base tent, which means that in most cases, there is no need for modifications.

Ground sheet

Increase the living space of your tent by adding a ground sheet to your awnings. This will keep your things nice and dry and make your tent even more comfortable. The ground sheet has a raised edge, so your tent will be able to handle quite some rainfall.


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