Karsten Imperia

Meet the Karsten Imperia! The newest addition to our Karsten Tenten family. The Imperia is rightfully the largest of us all. This family tent offers ample space for at least 5 people, which is perfect for the larger family. Nevertheless, just like the rest of our family, pitching this beauty is still a piece of cake.

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4000 millimetres

The Imperia is exactly 4000 millimetres wide. This is a nod to our 40th anniversary (in 2021) but at the same time these measurements fulfil a wish of many: A Karsten tunnel tent spacious enough to comfortably camp with five people. And we succeeded! Even better: with an area of almost 22 m2, the Imperia has become a real ballroom. With a full-length height of 2.2 metres, the Imperia even looks more like a large flat than just a family tent.



Of course, you can also optionally equip the Imperia with various storage options, just as you are used to from our tunnel tents. The well-known organizer is one of them, but unique to the Imperia is the sideboard: a wide cupboard that zips on either side of the window. The result is a serving of sizeable storage space without losing sight. Even better: it is a beautiful frame for the wide side window. The sideboard is the perfect alternative to the regular kitchen cupboard, and allows itself to be transported flat on top of that. The perfect put-away!

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The canopy

Even the awning of this big boy is unique. Not only does it come as standard, but it also has two so-called D-rings on both sides. You can attach all kinds of things to these, but the main thing is the possibility to hang the matching coat rack here. The perfect shelter for coats, that nice lamp, a roll of toilet paper or that one wet towel. Or anything else: it's a godsend anyway! The extension awning would complete the comfort.


Sweet dreams

The Imperia's sleeping cabins are as deep as they are high. Even better: thanks to the raised derriere, there is also ample room for five stretchers, without having to sleep with your head against the tent fabric. Anyway, the spacious design ensures that there is enough space left over to store things or change clothes in peace. A ventilation grid in each sleeping cabin and a strip of ventilation at the top of the partition walls also ensure optimal air flow, so the whole family will sleep like a baby. Step out of your tent well-rested - your neighbours will be jealous!

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The biggest

The Karsten Imperia is rightfully the biggest Karsten Tent (one-piece) ever. Yet, just like the other Karsten tunnel tents, putting it up is a breeze. The leight weight, pre-curved tent poles, the principle of unzippable pole sleeves and the down-to-earth construction ensure that it is up before you know it. And stays up, whatever the weather. After all, we won't settle for less here!

Karsten Imperia: comfortable camping with the whole family

Do you want to see and experience the Imperia for yourself? You can find the Karsten Imperia at several dealers as well as in our own brand store in Zwaag (Holland).

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