Looking for a side tent that still has all of the comfort, easy and quality of a true Karsten Tent? Then look no further than the Karsten Novia! It's a spacious side tent, finished with the innovations that Karsten has used to perfect its tents over the years.

Spacious and compact

Weighing in at just 11.7 kilos, the Novia is the most compact tent in the Karsten Tents family. But this side tent is still large enough for two adults to sleep in comfortably. The kids will feel like kings in the Novia's spacious bedroom.


  • Compact side tent
  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Spacious bedroom
  • Well ventilated
  • Extremely weatherproof
  • 100% Ten Cate cotton

Easy set-up

The Karsten Novia may be the quickest Karsten Tent ever. All you have to do is roll it out, fix the pegs, insert the poles, zip the sleeves and voilร ! The major advantage of the Novia is that it has a low profile and is made of a single piece, which makes set-up even easier. Even the kids can do it! While you enjoy an ice cream. Or set up your own tent. Who can finish faster? Why not make it a race? (Pro tip: the Novia can be set up in 5 minutes).

A good night's rest

The tent's efficient design means that every centimetre is used wisely. There's broad, closable mesh window between the spacious bedroom and the awning, and the back of the tent is fitted with a modern vent that facilitates good airflow, even in the rain. Add to that the tent canvas made from breathable cotton and you have all the ingredients for a perfect night's sleep.

Weatherproof and rainproof

Of course the Karsten Novia still has the heart and soul of a Karsen Tent. With tent canvas made from 100% Ten Cate cotton and a sturdy bisonyl groundcloth, the Novia isn't just extremely weatherproof, it's a comfortable, safe place to stay nice and dry in the rain. Even during the strongest thunderstorms. The Karsten Tunnel Tents came out on top in the 2015 ANWB Big Tent Test, and for good reason. With the Novia, Karsten is once again helping guarantee years of hassle-free camping holidays.

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