Thoughtlessly enjoy your camping holiday

With a tent that stands within a second, and stays there. In all weathers. Since 1981.


Quick to set up and fully expandable as desired.


Enjoy your camping holiday without any worries.


Will last a lifetime by using high quality materials.

The workshop

Karsten Tents has its own workshop, where everything revolves around the best quality, personal service and bespoke products. Here, we use our decades of knowledge and experience to hand-make our unique inflatable Karsten Tents.

With passion and attention to detail, because all parts are cut to size down to the millimetre, sewn and then expertly put together. This makes Karsten Tents a top-quality Dutch product!

Thoroughly tested

To guarantee the highest quality, we make use of the best materials and extensively test all parts of the tent before they are green-lighted.

Bespoke products

The workshop has the right tools, expertise and professionals to tailor-make anything. This gives customers the opportunity to assemble their ideal tent, or to design it according to their own wishes. Anything is possible; we happily accept the challenge of translating your wishes into the perfect tent, or another product made of (tent) canvas.

Repairs and specials

The workshop also carries out all kinds of repairs. Not just to Karsten Tents ─ tents from other brands are in good hands here too. This also applies to other items made of canvas. Whether we need to repair a tiny tear or design and make a whole new product, such as a tarpaulin for a boat, everything is possible in the workshop of Karsten Tents!

  • Over thirty years of knowledge and experience
  • Craftsmanship and expertise
  • Expert employees
  • All-round: production and repairs
  • Tents and other (tent) canvas products (specials)
Made in Holland Made in Holland