Base awnings

Karsten Tents come with a circular awning zipper by default. This zipper allows you to attach awnings to make the living space of the tent larger. The comfort awning is the only awning that is zipped directly onto the tent; the extended awning, end wall and rain awning follow it optionally.


Comfort awning

A comfort awning increases the size and comfort of the base tent considerably and fits all base tent models. Thanks to its straight walls, the comfort awning is highly practical and efficient. It always comes with mudflaps to keep draft at bay. The extremely strong, pre-bent aluminium pole is of the best quality and allows you to create a storm proof construction with just a few pegs.

Extended awning

Would you like to add more living space? If you add an extended awning, you can create a ton of extra room for all your camping stuff. The extended awning has a mesh window by default.

End wall

An end wall closes off the tent, but also offers other possibilities. The door flap can be turned into a canopy, but you can also create a sheltered spot against the wind. It is possible to zip an extended awning between the comfort awning and the end wall, to make the living space even roomier. The end wall has two windows by default.

Rain awning

It is possible to zip a rain awning onto both the comfort and the extended awning. This allows you to keep the entrance dry. As an added advantage, the rain awning can also protect you from the sun. The rain awning comes with a roof beam included. This horizontal beam will ensure that your entrance is wide enough. The rain awning is available for all types of Karsten Tents, except the 220. If you would like to have a rain awning for a 220, feel free to contact us for a solution! If you want to be able to attach the rain awning directly onto the tent, you can do this by using the connection piece. Very handy when you only set up the tent for one night!

Ground sheet

The base tent is equipped with a built-in ground sheet, made of bisonyl. For awnings, the bisonyl ground sheet is available as an accessory. The ground sheet keeps water, draft and unwanted critters at bay.

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