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We regularly receive questions or fun tips. Below are some questions that we frequently hear.

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My screen door for the Karsten base tent sags down too far, creating a gap at the top. How can I properly attach the screen door?

Lower the D-rings over the door poles, suspending the screen door. Use the middle loop which secures the door when it's rolled up to slide the stick of the screen door through.

Can I waterproof my cotton tent?

If your tent shows signs of leakage, don't start treating the entire canvas with a waterproofing agent right away. Treating the spots where there is leakage will suffice. You see, the cotton of which the tent canvas is made is woven to be breathable. If you treat the entire tent canvas with a waterproofing agent, it will lose its breathable properties. The Karsten Tents workshop is happy to recommend a treatment method and the right waterproofing agent.

When is the best time to buy a tent?

Most campers don't start to feel the itch until spring, but if you want to have a new tent come next season, autumn is a smart time to shop around. After the summer holidays, campers often return their tent or exchange it for a different model. An excellent opportunity to find your ideal tent for a competitive price. Karsten Tents also provides a warranty on second-hand tents, so you can always rely on warranty and service.



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How can I reach the ventilation flap on top of the tent when the tent is set up?

The top ventilation can be operated easily with the strings on the inside of the tent. However, customers also regularly give us this tip: "We detached the flap on top of the tent from the tent on the front side and attached guy lines instead. This allows you to fold back the flap when it's warm, to let the hot air escape the tent. Very pleasant when it's 40 degrees out. Use the guy lines to fold the flap back when the weather turns and secure it on the sides of the tent with a peg!"

My tent is stored clean and dry, what else is important for maintaining my tent?

You've already done the most important things, but if you want to take your tent on vacation safely and comfortably next year, give it a good tune-up in autumn. During your daily use in the summer vacation, you were able to spot any defects. Autumn is the time to have small repairs done, so you can bring your tent on vacation in tip top condition the following year. Think of parts that need replacing, such as zippers or a broken tent pole. Ask the workshop about the possibilities. That way, you can enjoy your next holiday without a worry in the world! For more information, check out our Service & Maintenance Tips.