The Karsten Lacerta

Rain or shine, you'll always feel at home in the Lacerta. Perfect for the whole family. This large tent comes standard with a nice, deep canopy, but it's easily expandable with an end wall and groundcloth. That makes it easy to create a palatial oasis of interior space.

The Lacerta is a true Karsten Tent: modern, weatherproof and simple to set up. The flexible living space is a new feature of this design: In good weather, the deep awning and the interior space provide more than 15 m 2, while the awning can be easily brought into the tent interior with the expansion set in worse weather or when you don't need as much room. By closing the awning with the end wall and with the option to extend the groundcloth, you can create a wonderfully roomy inside space of up to 24m2. The perfect home base for the whole family.

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De Karsten Lacerta, een royale gezinstent

More storage space

Need plenty of storage space? Our designers have found a solution for that: the zippable cupboard.

A tall, deep, sturdy storage cupboard that folds down flat for transport, then zips out to provide a surprising amount of storage space. Clothes, towels, tableware or games, you won't have to search for them anymore thanks to this revolutionary cupboard.

A good night's rest

With a ceiling height of 2.2 metres across the entire length of the tent, even the tallest of us can move around with ease from the living area to the sleeping space. The bedrooms are as deep as they are high, and all of that space means there's plenty left for storing your things or getting dressed comfortably. New vents at the top of the partitions also guarantee optimal airflow, so the whole family is sure to get a good night's rest. Having a good lie in and stepping out of your tent refreshed - the neighbours will definitely be jealous!

Easy set-up

Of course it still has the heart and soul of a Karsen Tent, so the set-up is a snap. The outside has been fitted with pole sleeves. Zip open the sleeves, insert the pre-formed poles and zip them shut. Voilà! Your tent is ready to go. And it's sturdy, too. Thanks to the sturdy construction, 100% cotton tent canvas, and a bisonyl groundcloth, the tent is extremely weatherproof and rainproof. With the Lacerta, Karsten is once again helping guarantee years of hassle-free camping holidays for the whole family.

Eenvoudig vergrootbaar
Eenvoudig vergrootbaar
Unieke kastwand
Unieke kastwand

Surprisingly flexible

  • Nice, deep awning
  • Ample sleeping and living space
  • Plenty of lovely natural light
  • Easily expandable with the
    Lacerta expansion set
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy set-up!
  • 100% Ten Cate cotton

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