Karsten is not just about tents and awnings. Our workshop is also very skilled in the design and creation of tarps: a separate awning that you can set up however you like, in a jiffy.

For instance, right in your backyard or on the beach, for some extra shade or to protect you from the wind and rain. Or near the entrance of your tent or caravan, for some flexible added living space! A standard tarp measures 3x4 metres.

Would you rather have a larger or smaller one, or maybe one in a different colour? Feel free to send an email to info@karstententen.nl! Our workshop is happy to discuss the options.

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Shade wherever you need it!

The tarp comes with two extendable poles (more poles can be delivered as desired) and a set of sturdy guy lines with tensioners, pegs and carabiners.

Made in Holland Made in Holland