The Opera 2400

The Opera 2400 is a modern tunnel tent that's lighter than its predecessors and provides plenty of space for two people. It's the ideal tent for campers who love the compact Karsten Tent, but don't want to sacrifice quality and comfort!

The Opera 2400 is a tall, light tent that's not only quick and easy to set up, just like you expect from Karsten Tents, it's also equipped with every possible amenity. Thanks to the high profile across the entire length of the tent and the large side windows, you'll feel right at home in this compact tunnel tent.

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Gebruiksvriendelijke klapkuip

Easy set-up

The Opera 2400 is well designed and easy to set up quickly. Karsten Tents has included pole sleeves on the outside of the tent that can zip completely closed once the poles have been put in place. So you can set up your tent quickly and easily, and it's sturdy as can be! With the Opera 2400's high ceiling, adjustable entry and relatively light weight, Karsten Tents has brought a compact, comfortable tent to market that campers can enjoy for many years to come.

Natural light

The light colour palette and plenty of ventilation points guarantee that the tent's interior temperature is always comfortable in all kinds of weather, and the modern awning provides shade and shelter in sun, wind and rain. Keen on keeping insects out? That's simple with the fixed groundcloth made of durable bisonyl and the standard screen door. The groundcloth on the Opera 2400 comes standard with an adjustable flap closure. It allows the entryway to be lowered all the way to the ground. At night or during rainstorms, it's easy to roll it back up to keep the drafts and damp out!

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Clever, quick and cool!

  • Plenty of lovely natural light
  • Well ventilated
  • Plenty of space
  • Large, modern awning
  • Entry can be lowered
  • Comes with a screen door
  • And of course, set-up is a snap!

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