Ground sheet

Every base tent is equipped with a built-in ground sheet: tightly fit and made from extremely strong bisonyl. It will keep moisture, dirt and unwanted critters outside!

For awnings, the bisonyl ground sheet is available as an accessory.

The ground sheet is available for the following combinations:

  • Comfort awning, End wall
  • Comfort awning, Extended awning, End wall
  • Porch awning

Separate ground sheet

Zippered ground sheet

In the smaller tent models (up to type 260), the ground sheet is attached with a lashing strap. This makes the sides of the ground sheet stand up slightly, allowing rain water to flow underneath and keeping unwanted critters outside.

In Karsten Tent models 280 and larger, the ground sheet is attached with a zipper. This seals the ground sheet almost entirely, making it an extension to the tent.

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