Technical specifications

Pumping systems

An extremely strong construction of fire engine hoses and the highest-quality canvas and other materials make for a tent of unprecedented quality. Thanks to the unique inflating system, setting up the tent is a piece of cake. It's just a matter of readying the hoses, and your holiday can begin!

Foot pump
A foot pump is suitable for the smaller Karsten Tent models (type 2.20 - 3.00). The sturdy wooden board ensures that the pump doesn't move around when you are using it. The smallest model can already be inflated in 2 minutes!

The larger Karsten Tent models require an inflation time of roughly 4 minutes. We recommend using a compressor instead of the foot pump for the larger models. The larger the tent, the more air needs to be pumped into the hoses.

220-volt compressor
The 220-volt (145-watt) compressor can be connected to the power grid, has a 2-meter cord and a tyre valve connection.

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The Karsten Tent foot pump and compressor come with a sturdy transport bag.

Technical details

ModelType 220Type 240Type 260Type 280
Ground surface220x220 cm240x240 cm260x260 cm280x280 cm
Highest height160 cm170 cm192 cm200 cm
Entrance height115 cm123 cm145 cm160 cm
Entrance width90 cm102 cm102 cm102 cm
Ground sheet height25 cm25 cm25 cm25 cm
Wall height70 cm70 cm73 cm75 cm
Folded tent95x23x23 cm75x34x34 cm75x34x34 cm89x34x34 cm
Weight 19 kgapp. 21 kgapp. 23 kgapp. 29 kg
Inflation time*app. 2 minapp. 3 minapp. 3 minapp. 4 min
ModelType 300Type 350Type 380Sleeping extension
Ground surface300x300 cm350x350 cm380x380 cm210x290 cm
Highest height210 cm225 cm230 cm200 cm
Entrance height160 cm160 cm160 cm160 cm
Entrance width102 cm102 cm102 cm102 cm
Ground sheet height25 cm25 cm25 cm25 cm
Wall height70 cm75 cm100n.a.
Folded tent89x34x34 cm103x34x34 cm123x34x34 cm95x34x34 cm
Weight 31 kgapp. 36 kgapp. 40 kgapp. 16 kg
Inflation time*app. 4 minapp. 4 minapp. 4 minn.a.


* When inflating with a compressor (12V, 30 amp)

Made in HollandMade in Holland