The Carp Tent

The heavy quality of the cotton tent canvas, the indestructible bisonyl ground sheet and the strong materials make the inflatable Karsten Tent also very suitable for fishing.

The inflatable Karsten 240 is therefore also available as a 'carp' tent. This Karsten Carp Tent has a dark green camouflage colour, especially designed for anglers. As dark green is also a favourite colour of the more rugged camper, the other base tents (type 220 - 380) are also available in dark green. On request.



A Karsten Carp Tent is often used on a less-than-favourable surface, in humid areas and in harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, the Karsten Carp Tent is completely prepared for heavy-duty use. The tent is made of one piece, so draft, moisture and critters won't stand a chance. Thanks to the extremely durable bisonyl ground sheet and strong Ten Cate cotton, this tent can handle a beating. What's more, it is water and storm proof! The Carp Tent is also practical: thanks to the straight walls, two cots can easily fit in and there is enough space for luggage and fishing equipment.

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Karsten Carp tents have an additional window in the door of both the end wall and the base tent. There are also two air vents in the base tent to increase comfort.


The Carp tent is sold as a set with a comfort awning and an end wall included. The tent can be supplemented with various accessories such as a screen door and a film window. All parts can also be purchased separately.


Do you have other wishes for your Carp tent? Feel free to contact us, and together we will see if we can make your wishes come true.

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