Opera Blueline

Camping has always been green but now you can go greener than ever in the most sustainable tent  out there: the Karsten Opera Blueline. This tent is completely produced with recycled materials. Now that’s what we call green!



Circular tent

The first thing that strikes you is the colour of the tent cloth. The unique light blue colour of the tent is due to the TenCate BlueCAMP cotton. This is a mix of high-quality cotton and recycled jeans. Did you know that 640 million jeans are thrown away every year in Europe? Part of those jeans are now collected, unravelled, spun into new yarn and processed into new tent cloth, for the Karsten Blueline.


Blue > Green

This means a smaller waste mountain. But also less water consumption. To produce 1kg of cotton, you need 8000 litres of water. By replacing part of the cotton with denim we can save 50,000 litres of water on average per tent. But that’s not all. The cotton gets its unique blue colour thanks to the addition of the jeans, so there’s no need for dyes. That’s what makes the cotton extra green! In blue.

opear 3




In fact, the entire circular chain of production, from collecting your worn out jeans > unravelling them > spinning the yarns > producing the tents all takes place in the Netherlands and Belgium. Close to home. In a sustainable workshop. So we’re also massively reducing CO2 emissions.

PET bottles

The ground sheet and zippers are also selected based on their green footprint. For example, during the manufacturing of new bisonyl a lot of residual material is left over. Normally, this is carted off and ends up in a landfill, but now this is all thrown together and processed into a “left-overs paste” especially for the Karsten Blueline. The result is a durable and tough but more sustainably produced ground sheet. And the zippers? They’re made with recycled PET bottles. So even those are green!

opera 4


Opera 2400

The design of the Karsten Opera Blueline is exactly the same as the Karsten Opera 2400: Big windows on either side, a spacious awning, a fold-out ground sheet and an extensive range of storage options. The materials used are just more sustainable. And that’s what makes camping that little bit extra carefree, even more than you were used to with Karsten.

Karsten Blueline: camping greener than ever!

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