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The Karsten Tunnel tents are relatively new, but already a favourite for many. A tent with tent poles, but with the quality and ease-of-use that you've come to expect from Karsten.

The tunnel tents have two secrets that make them sturdy and easy to set up. 1: The tent poles of the Karsten Tunnel tents are curved and tailor made for each type. 2: The pole sleeves are located on the exterior of the tent and have zippers. This makes inserting the poles a breeze!

Apart from the poles, the Karsten Tunnel tent has exactly the same ingredients as any other Karsten Tent. A sturdy and indestructible bisonyl ground sheet to keep draft, moisture and unwanted critters outside, and tent canvas made of 100% Ten Cate cotton for an optimal indoor climate, rain or shine. In fact, in 2015, the ANWB organised the Big Tent Test, in which 8 family tents were tested on how they performed in storms, and the Karsten Tunnel tent was determined to be the best! (continue reading...) The Karsten Tunnel tent therefore once again guarantees many carefree camping holidays!

Karsten Novia
Karsten novia
Karsten 2800
Karsten 3600
Karsten Lacerta

The Karsten Tunnel tent is available in 5 models. The first models to be conceived were the Karsten Tunnel tent 2800 and 3600. At 18 m2 of surface area, the 3600 offers ample living comfort for 4 persons. In the rear of the tent, you will find a pleasant sleeping area. It has a two-person sleeping compartment in the middle with a one-person sleeping compartment on each side. The spacious layout of the compartments ensures that there is enough room on the side of the air mattress to comfortably get up and store your things. That is just that little bit of extra space and comfort that you've come to expect from Karsten.

The 2800 is the little brother of the 3600. With a surface area of over 12 m2 and two zip-in sleeping compartments, it is ideal for a group of 2 or more people. For added comfort on warm or rainy days, both models can be complemented with a rain or combination awning.

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Are you looking for a compact Karsten Tent, but don't want to compromise on quality and comfort? The Opera 2400 is exactly what you need. It is a modern tunnel tent that weighs less than its predecessors and provides plenty of space for two people.

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Rain or shine, you'll always feel at home in the Lacerta. Perfect for the whole family. This large tent comes standard with a long awning, but can easily be complemented with an end wall and groundcloth. That makes it easy to create a palatial oasis of interior space.

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Are you looking for a side tent that still has all of the comfort, ease and quality of a true Karsten Tent? Then look no further than the Karsten Novia! It's a spacious side tent, finished with the innovations that Karsten has used to perfect its tents over the years.

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Camping has always been green but now you can go greener than ever in the most sustainable tent out there: the Karsten Opera Blueline. This tent is completely produced with recycled materials. Now thatโ€™s what we call green!

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