Loyalty card

Customers with a Karsten Tent get a little extra from us. That was our motto thirty years ago, and it still is today!

That is why, when you purchase a Karsten Tent, we give you a loyalty card which always gives you a 10% discount on the entire product range of the Karsten Travelstore. The loyalty card is valid indefinitely, both in the store and in the webshop (the discount is settled after you log in). This makes it even easier for you to benefit from your loyalty discount!

The Karsten Tents loyalty card in short:

  • always 10% off the entire product range of the Karsten Travelstore (except on Karsten Tents and tailored products)
  • valid indefinitely
  • personal card
  • receipts registered to name, convenient when making use of the warranty
  • exciting promotions
  • not valid in combination with current promotions


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