Tentworld Unlimited

In addition to the unique inflatable camping tents, Karsten Tents also produces professional work tents, under the name Tentworld Unlimited. These work tents are of the same reliable quality and can be set up even faster: in five seconds!

Set up in seconds

The tent frame is attached to the canvas. Not only can you set it up in mere seconds, it's impossible to lose parts. These work tents are ideal for any location or circumstance where a temporary work site or shielding is needed. Use them in construction, for work on infrastructure, or during events or calamities. Or in any situation where the work needs to keep going despite the weather, such as paint jobs, weld jobs, laying pipelines or road work.

Company logo

If desired, all work tents can be provided with your company logo.

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Can be used year-round

The special canvas can withstand all weather conditions and can therefore be used any time of the year. Furthermore, the fire-retardant fabric makes the tents extra safe. The work tents are available in various sizes and models. It is also possible to make an inflatable work tent. In addition, Tentworld Unlimited offers safety screens and welding umbrellas.

Made in Holland Made in Holland