Linked tent

The linked tent is like a smaller version of the larger base tent. It easily zips onto the base tent with a connection piece. This creates an extra sleeping area or storage space and allows you to make optimum use of the living area of the base tent.

Perfect for families with children! Small children can only enter and exit the linked tent through the base tent. This adds an element of safety, as they can't leave the tent unseen. Are your children a little older? Simply disconnect the tent and they will have their own tent. Both tents can be used as stand-alone tents. This is convenient when you have to stop for the night on your way to your destination, but also during the last night of a longer holiday. If you break down the base tent the night before, you will only need to pack up the linked tent on the day you leave.

Advantages of the linked tent

  • More living space, more storage space
  • Child-friendly and safe
  • Connected or stand-alone

The linked tent is available for all Karsten base tents types 220 - 350.

De Karsten 300 met koppeltent

Use separately

A linked tent can also be used separately. This is convenient when you have to stop for the night, or during the last night of a longer holiday.

Two = one

When attached to each other, the two tents are usually considered one big tent. This has the advantage of only having to pay for one tent at the campsite!

Your camping situation

A linked tent can add space to the base tent when needed, but can also be packed up if you need to downsize. A linked tent allows you to expand and reduce your tent according to your camping situation!


Adjustment for new tent

Adding a linked tent requires making an adjustment to the base tent. It will need a door with a zipper, which will allow the connection piece to be attached to the linked tent. This door can be closed if you are not using the linked tent. It is not possible to make this adjustment in an existing model afterwards. You must therefore decide on this option before purchasing a Karsten Tent.

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