Safari tent in a greenhouse

Are you looking for a unique camping experience? In Lutjebroek, in the province of Noord-Holland, you can find five Karsten Tents on minicamping De Groote Wijzend. What makes these tents so unique? They are set up in between the peach trees and grape vines in a greenhouse!

It's not just the location that's unique: the tents are too. They aren't the well-known inflatable camping tents; here, you can camp in beautiful safari tents that our workshop in Zwaag has tailor-made for this greenhouse. The close cooperation between flower grower and tent maker led to a result that both can be proud of. The tents fit perfectly inside the greenhouse and become part of the scenery.

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Indoor campsite

Since its opening in 2013, the first 'indoor' campsite in the Netherlands has been a great success. De Groote Wijzend even made the national news! The five Karsten safari tents have been tailored to fit perfectly inside the greenhouse and become a beautiful part of the scenery. The large curtains that act as an end wall have been made in the Karsten Tents workshop as well.

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