Every camper and every holiday is different. An inflatable Karsten Tent is available in various models and adapts to your camping situation.

The base tents have a modular system and can be assembled and modified according to your wishes. Thanks to the dome construction and raised edges, the base tent alone offers ample living space. If you want even more space and comfort, opt for additional awnings, a sleeping extension or a linked tent.

The interior of the Karsten Tents can be adjusted completely to your liking. Use partition walls to design your ideal floor plan. Handy accessories such as the apron organiser or the triangle organiser (made in our own workshop!) keep the tent uncluttered and orderly.

Can't find your ideal tent? Everything is possible at Karsten Tents! Feel free to inquire about our bespoke solutions, we are happy to give you advice.

Base tent

Short or long camping trip?

Depending on your camping needs, the tent can be set up in parts. For a short overnight stay, having only the base tent will suffice. For a longer holiday, the awnings offer added living space and comfort.

Complete set

Karsten Tent products

From foot pump to partition wall and from screen door pole to guy line. All service products for the Karsten Tent are available in our webshop!

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