A tent with substance

When the Karsten Tent was invented in 1981, a new way of camping was born. You didn't have to mess around with tent poles any longer and your tent could be ready in five minutes. Now that is carefree camping!

And it still is. Because to this day, the Karsten Tent sets itself apart through is ease-of-use, comfort, extremely durable construction, excellent ventilation and last but not least, its unique inflation system. Karsten Tents are made from durable, high-quality materials in our own workshop, and are solid as a rock!

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For any kind of camper

A Karsten Tent adapts to your camping situation. The base tent can be assembled and expanded to your wishes, using various awnings, a sleeping extension or a linked tent.

Set-up is quick and easy

Thanks to the unique inflation system, a Karsten Tent is ready to go in five minutes!

Made in Holland Made in Holland