It started in 1981, with an exclusive on the Kampeer & Caravan RAI and an excellent test score in a renowned camping magazine ("spacious, highly durable, water and storm proof"). After that, many a unique Karsten Tent was made, and not just for camping enthusiasts.

The Red Cross, the Dutch army and famous Dutch people also appreciated our tent. Frans Bauer and Johnny de Mol, for example, and André van Duin already used one on stage in his show in 1984. So, after thirty years, the Karsten Tent can rightfully be called a household name in the field of camping!

In 2011, Karsten Tents celebrated the 30th anniversary of the invention of the Karsten Tent. 2012 also started on a festive note, when we won the Ondernemersprijs Westfriesland Méér. This prestigious award is a crown on our work and gives us extra motivation to keep making the highest-quality tents!

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Het begin van de kampeerwinkel
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