The coolest festival tent ever

Design the coolest, best, most innovative and most sustainable festival tent ever. That was the assignment for architecture students and young architects in the very first ArchiTenten Challenge, a tent design competition organised by BNA and Lowlands.

The winning design was going to be manufactured in the Karsten Tenten workshop and then given a prominent place at Lowlands 2019. Out of over 60 entries and 3 finalists, 1 winning design was selected. The jury (which included our very own Marc Takken) decided Jasper Manders’ Inside Out There Tent was the very best.

Lowlands director Eric van Eerdenburg: β€œThis winning tent is an enrichment to the festival campsite landscape: it is innovative and can also be configured into a multi-person tent. It is also a sustainable alternative for the many disposable tents that are left behind at the campsite every year.”

About the winning ArchiTent

Manders’ Inside Out There is a 2-person festival tent that inflates in seconds, has no guy lines and hardly needs pegs. As the tent opens on both sides, air circulation provides a cooling effect. Another bonus is that you can lie down, sit, and stand in it. Moreover, it offers the unique possibility of connecting a series of tents together, creating a shared interior area. As we speak, such a configuration of 8 people (4 tents) is being made for Lowlands in the Karsten Tents workshop! On Friday 16 August, it will be set up between the two entrances of the festival site and a group of 8 lucky winners will get to test the Inside Out There for the entire weekend. It will be an unprecedented party!

The ArchiTenten Challenge

For BNA, the ArchiTenten Challenge is a small-scale, playful way to generate attention for the power of that design has: to make our lives more sustainable. As this first edition was such a success, Lowlands, BNA, Grrr and Karsten Tents have announced their intention to hold another ArchiTenten Challenge in 2020. To be continued!


Photo impressions by Jasper Manders, Cepezed

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