Karsten Second-hand

Karsten Tents last you many a camping trip and remain worth the investment. It is therefore no surprise that there is a large demand for used Karsten Tents.

That is why we also have second-hand tents available in our showroom. Moreover, we offer the next owner a warranty on second-hand tents! Because they are worth it.

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Would you like to sell your Karsten Tent? We offer this service as long as the second-hand tents in stock allow this. Conditions:

  • Only Karsten Tents of ten years or younger are eligible.
  • Karsten Tents reserves the right to reject sell requests at any time.


Exchanging your Karsten Tent is always a possibility.

Please note! This service only applies to our camping tents, not to Karsten awnings.

Appraisal form

Complete the appraisal form, no strings attached:

Email the form to info@karstententen.nl. We do our very best to provide you with an answer as quickly as possible. From the moment you receive an answer, the appraisal remains valid for four weeks.


Upon receipt, all used Karsten Tents are thoroughly inspected. Worn parts are replaced or repaired. The result is a complete tent, that the new owner can go camping with for years without worry. In addition, all second-hand tents come with a warranty on material and manufacturing defects!

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