The Porch awning

The newest awning in the Karsten Tents series: the brand-new Porch awning. The most spacious awning for the Karsten Tent ever.

The Porch awning is made of 1 piece and โ”€ at a length of over 2 metres โ”€ it is very roomy. It allows you to create a nice and spacious living area for the whole family in no-time. The Porch awning comes standard with an end wall in the colour accent of your choice, so that it will always match your base tent. If desired, the awning can be supplemented with a ground sheet or rain awning.

Suitable for the Karsten 280, 300, 350 and 380.

In short

  • Spacious awning
  • 2.20 metres deep
  • Complete set
    (incl. end wall)
  • Easy to set up!
  • Straight walls
  • Plenty of space

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Made in Holland Made in Holland