This will be our new abode!

Less than a year after the fire, we are proud to present to you the plans for our new store, which will be built at our old site at the Factorij. The industrial hall of De Oude Veiling – which we have been using for the time being – is getting too small for us, we long for the spaciousness of our old location!

Construction of our new building will begin at the start of April. The architect has based the design on the new Karsten Lacerta tent. With its long awning and large glass facade, the building is very similar to the Lacerta and – like the Lacerta – it offers ample space for our entire family. Whereas our workshop is currently a tight 600 m2, the new building will have over 1600 m2 reserved for the production of Karsten Tents. We can finally breathe again! The tents will be produced on higher ground, on the left side of the 1st floor. The entire right side of the building is reserved for the Karsten Travelstore, which will also have a gigantic pond with koi fish again of course!

A building for the ages
Overall, the new building covers an area of 7200 m2. In comparison to our current 3100 m2, that is a considerable improvement. Similarly, additional improvements can be found in other facets of the design. By installing a geothermal pump and a large number of solar collectors, we strive for the building to be energy-neutral; there are twice as many parking spaces; the loading dock has been moved to the side of the Factorij to relieve the Dorpsstraat of freight traffic; and a sprinkler system on both floors will spare us from a repeat of 9 March last year.

The construction is expected to be finished by the end of this year.
Opening: March next year.

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